The AGC Glass Configurator is a pioneering tool

  • doneCompose your glass
  • doneCompile detailed reports
  • doneStore your configurations

01Create faster

Start with one of our preset configurations, or drag and drop components until you get your perfect glass
Save your configurations into Projects for easy export
Start a new configuration from any saved configuration - reuse and redevelop your favourite configurations
Creating the perfect glass for your projects has never been easier - use glass to its full potential in windows, balconies, balustrades, floors and more, and ensure you choose exactly the right technical specifications for optimum performance.
Alternatively, you can find the product you are looking for by defining all of its properties in detail.
On top of that, you can search for glazing structures with the best acoustic performance for your project.
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02Instant access

Unlimited storage of your configurations and projects
Organise your glass configurations in your private library
Safe and secure

03Glass performance reports all in one place

Get quick access to a detailed report on your glass configuration
Download the report as PDF, easily shared and stored
Performance data adapted to the standards of your region
Enjoy a clear and state-of-the-art layout

Connect to the world of AGC

The only source for official up-to-date AGC product information

Personalise your project with high quality imagery from AGC’s libraries - real life photos or 3D renders

Develop your projects using other smart AGC tools and explore new features